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We partner with schools, universities, and companies to develop interactive and engaging products with content and media crafted for digital-natives.

Content Development

Have you noticed that most businesses include articles and blogs on their websites, and post frequently to social media? The internet has changed the way businesses reach out to, and communicate with, consumers. Blogs, articles, posts, and more are part of a business’ content strategy. Content development helps brands retain their current customers as well as connect with potential customers. In addition to lead generation, there are many other benefits of having a content creation strategy.

Content development is a comprehensive, holistic process that integrates writing and editing, information architecture, technology platforms, marketing and support. Great content motivates action. Whether it’s clicking a link to explore related information, sharing, commenting or rewarding your content with a backlink, every piece of content should encourage users to engage with your brand.

We provide interactive content creation services for a diverse set of needs including storyboarding, instructional design, scripting, production and marketing.

From technical publications to new media, mobile, and engineering services, we can create the content you need to enlighten and empower your audiences to most effectively use, sell, and support your company’s products and services.

Our customers' business goals, cultural and financial objectives shape how we engage to develop curriculum and content that is optimally blended to increase learner satisfaction and be reusable across multiple formats.

How it Works

Customized Software

Turkey's largest company, web-based, we are developing Windows-based and mobile applications.

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Mobile Application Development

Adopting the "Mobile First" approach and moving the existing projects to the mobile environment and applications

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4 years in the sector with our competent engineers, project development, analysis, design, product development, we provide consultancy on software development, mobilization, integration and implementation.

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Why Choose Us

The Constant creation of well-written material on your website is essential to staying current on the web. By updating your site with relevant information, you can increase the flow of traffic to your pages and educate prospects about new and exciting topics related to your brand. In addition to new customers visiting your website, providing consistent, memorable content will help your business stay in the forefront of your existing customers’ minds.
Skilled content development will help you place your business in the industry spotlight. For example, if your business produces anti-virus software, it is important to show your customers and social media followers that you are a thought-leader in that field. Posting articles and blogs that detail new and exciting industry information shows your readers that you are a key player in your field. Content development also enhances word-of-mouth advertising from your readers sharing your insights with others.
A skilled content development team can help you produce content that appeals to a broad customer base to stimulate lead generation. Experienced writers know how to develop messaging that resonates with a diverse customer base and can write professionally about a variety of different subjects. By diversifying your content and utilizing targeted writing strategies, you can achieve recognition from readers who may not have previously shown interest in your business.

Key features

We offer the following custom content and curriculum development services

  • Assessment of organizational training needs
  • Professional development
  • Instructional design
  • Marketing collateral

Our Client's Experience

After completing the first project, our customer ratio is 100% by looking at a second project with REA Technology.

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Technologies We Use

To ensure a high level of security and performance we use the latest technology and take great care to update systems and platforms used by our customers.